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Nestled in downtown Islamorada

in the Heart of the Florida Keys.

Wines - Sake


Islamorda restaurant Kaiyo Grill is know of rits wine list. Our Islamorada bar features specialty sakes and fine wines from around the world.

Sake by the Glass


Dreamy Clouds, Rihaku Nigori, junmai tokubetsu
Wandering Poet, Rihaku, junmai ginjo


Sake by the Pot


Draft Sake, served cold, junmai
Gold, ginjo, served cold, junmai ginjo
Tradional, Ca, served hot, junmai


Sake by the Bottle


Divine Droplets, junmai daiginjo
Dream Clouds, Rigaku Nigori, junmai tokubetsu
Dreamy Clouds, Rihaku Nigori, junmai tokubetsu
Hawk in the Heavens, tokubetsu junmai
Heavens Door, tokubetsu junmai
Horin, Gekkeikan, junmai daiginjo
Kikusui, junmai ginjo
Living Jewel, Tozai, junmai
Shrine of the Village, Takatenjin, junmai daiginjo
Snow Maiden, Tozai, junmai

Star Filled Sky, Mantensei, junmai ginjo

Gekkeikan Zipang Sparkling Sake, Futsu, junmai

Wandering Poet, Rihaku, junmai ginjo



Please note - Our Islamorada bars and restaurants Kaiyo Grill and our sister dining spot Green Turtle Inn - an Islamorada restaurant landmark since 1947 - are most popular during holiday weeks and on weekends. If you're planning an Islamorada vacation - or trip through the Keys - why not plan to dine at both. Once you're here in Islamorada you can relax as we'll havs your table ready on your schedule.
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